better-way-to-file-insurance-claimsHave you ever had difficulties filing a claim? There is no doubt that the claims process can be inefficient, time consuming and even frustrating. Claims handling is a collaborative, multi-step process that can present many challenges along the way. Think of it like a relay race. A positive outcome is dependent on successful collaboration of the individuals on the team. If someone drops the baton, slows down pace, or misses a step, every other leg slows down too.

Claims are similar. Any complication in the process can hinder optimum results. But let’s take a moment to think about the times when you need to file a claim. You are in an accident and your surroundings are crucial, there’s a leak in your house and the damage is mounting, or maybe you have been in a little fender bender and are unable to wait to have it checked it out.

The common thread here is urgency and service quality. If you have an issue that you need to have resolved quickly, you are probably hoping for fast access to help and a convenient low touch process. Yet, the typical claim involves scheduling an appointment with an appraiser or an adjuster, acquiring an estimate, and waiting for a settlement check to be processed. And, if any information is missed from an estimate, the process can quickly become cumbersome, lengthy, and frustrating.

But, imagine an alternative. Imagine the insurance carrier having the ability to be there with you right at that first moment, the instant when you notice a problem and need access to help. Sounds impossible, right? Not so much. New technology is making this a reality. Real time video delivered from the camera on a mobile device allows insurers to connect with the customers at the time of an incident.

The possibilities here are endless. Real time video allows customers to easily demonstrate an issue to the carrier, it gives adjusters and appraisers the ability to manage workload effectively, and it puts powerful customer service into the hands of the insurance company. When we put it together, we have an effective start to finish collaborative process that makes claims simpler.

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