Q: What type of industries and workplaces can use LiveLogik?

A: LiveLogik can be adopted into any industry or business that involves site attendance whether it be inspections, service calls or quoting. It’s a customer management tool designed to connect with the customer live and see what they see. LiveLogik has been successfully implemented in industries such as: Insurance; Property Management; Property Inspection & Valuations and Construction – providing many benefits such as cost reductions and improving operational efficiencies.

Q: Does LiveLogik require mobile data?

A: LiveLogik runs over 3G, 4G and WiFi networks that require 10mb/min.

Q: What is the quality like of the LiveLogik visual stream?

A: The quality of the visual stream out of the app is excellent, but it also depends on a number of factors. The mobile processing device speed, its available signal strength and connectivity all contribute to the quality of interaction.

Q: How long does it take to download the LiveLogik mobile apps?

A: The download speed will depend on your network capability. The app size download is minimal at 57mb. LiveLogik Concierge also has an app-less (web browser) access option where there is no app to download, which will help those customers with slow internet speeds.

Q: What smartphone devices are the LiveLogik apps compatible with?

A: LiveLogik is available on Apple and Android devices and will soon be compatible with Windows. The LiveLogik Concierge app-less (web browser) link can be accessed by any internet-enabled device.

Q: What is the app-less (web browser) live streaming option for Livelogik Concierge?

A: LiveLogik Concierge now has two ways for customers to access its features – either by downloading the mobile app, or through a URL web link which opens on any internet-connected device. During the initial phone call, your customer service team can choose to send the customer either a link to download the Concierge app, or a URL link that the customer clicks to open Concierge in their web browser – meaning no downloads, logins or passwords for the customer and a much quicker connection.

Q: What is the difference between the LiveLogik Concierge mobile app and app-less (web browser) access?

A: The LiveLogik Concierge mobile app has additional features such as instant notes and the ability to take videos offline. The LiveLogik Concierge app-less access is quicker for the customer to access, but it doesn’t have the features mentioned above. However the app-less URL link can be configured with different functionality depending on your needs and is quite flexible. In some use cases the mobile app is more suitable, in other cases the app-less – it all depends on the case and the individual customer needs.

Q: How much mobile data will live streaming consume?

A: LiveLogik uses 10mb/min. Our stream is designed to provide the best quality connection and speed capable. The streaming will consume mobile data at the rates charged by your network provider.

Q: Does LiveLogik have offline capabilities?

A: Yes. The LiveLogik Concierge and Enterprise apps provide the offline capability to record videos and sync automatically to the relevant case file in the LiveLogik Portal once connection is restored.

Q: What does LiveLogik cost?

A: LiveLogik pricing is on a pay-per-case basis. For every case you create in the LiveLogik Portal, you pay a once-off fee for the entire life of the case (depending on your business, a ‘case’ may be a service call, a claim, an assessment or an inspection etc). Visit the pricing page for full details on what is included. You are required to sign an annual contract, which is invoiced monthly. Additional charges may occur if further training and integration is required. 

Q: Is there an additional cost for my customers or field staff to download the LiveLogik Concierge or LiveLogik Enterprise mobile apps?

A: No. Both mobile apps are free to download, so there will never be a cost to use LiveLogik for your customers.

Q: Is there a limit on how many people can download the LiveLogik apps?

A: No. You can simply send a request to anyone to download the app as there is no limit on how many people you can connect with using Livelogik.

Q: Can LiveLogik be easily integrated into other business systems?

A: Yes. LiveLogik can be simply implemented into existing business models. We provide hands-on training to help you integrate LiveLogik into your business as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Q: Can you download a video file to desktop?

A: Videos, photos and audio can all be downloaded to any desktop instantly.