You may already be familiar with ClaimLogik Live Real-time Guidance™ Enterprise platform. This flagship product was developed to provide policyholders the means to acquire immediate access to help by using the camera on the mobile device and a live video streaming capability. Dubbed by our customers as the “Mayday” button for claims, ClaimLogik Live Real-time Guidance™ helps our clients accelerate collection of claims information in the field by improving live interaction with the insured during FNOL or any subsequent conversation. 

Today, we are excited to announce our continued commitment to delivering value to the insurance industry with a new offering designed to help enhance field claims management process via a service called ClaimLogik Live Pro™. ClaimLogik Live Pro™ expands on existing video capabilities by providing a simple and easy-to-use service for field claims professionals – appraisers, adjusters, estimators, and investigators. 

What is ClaimLogik Live Pro™? 

ClaimLogik Live Pro™ consists of a mobile app for capturing information and a ClaimLogik Live Portal for managing acquired claims information. It provides a convenient and intuitive approach to documenting information in the field by using the power of natural voice and video. 

This service minimizes the need to perform intensive textual data entry and cumbersome picture capturing. Instead of capturing pictures one-by-one on multiple devices, uploading them, and documenting them with text, ClaimLogik Live Pro™ provides capabilities to conveniently collect video, pictures, and any defensive documentation like GPS in a smooth transaction and conveniently storing and organize them for processing. 

ClaimLogik Live Pro™ allows field claims professionals to focus on the claim and not on the documentation details. It enables the separation of the field tasks with in-office tasks in order to speed up the collection of information in the field and accelerate the claims handling cycle, improving loss settlement times and customer experience. 

Powerful Capabilities 

What will you find in ClaimLogik Live Pro™? First of all, ClaimLogik Live has been designed to be a very simple, elegant, and intuitive solution that is easy to use and requires very little training. 

The mobile apps are optimized for different streaming environments supporting 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi connections, and also enabling offline data capture capabilities that are ideal for low and non-existent connection environments like basements, mountainous regions, or farming plains. 

The portal provides many great features of bookmarking videos and extracting pictures from the video. Picture annotation and picture export is quick and easy. Claim collaboration is enabled within the team for easy information sharing and task distribution. Lastly, internal sharing and sharing of the claim file with clients and 3rd party contacts can be achieved with a few simple clicks eliminating passing of pictures, reports in email, and dealing with video downloads and transfers. 

Since training aspects in field operations and decision making in various claims environments present constant challenges, ClaimLogik Live Pro™ subscription includes 1 hour/month of live video streaming and claims information capturing capabilities as part of the service. 

Want To Get Started? 

There are no long term contracts and commitments. Try ClaimLogik Live Pro™ free for 60 days! Sign up online and watch ClaimLogik Live Video Tutorials to help you get started. 



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