ClaimLogik, a global leader in visual communication solutions for claims and insurance, announces the release of a new product offering, ClaimLogik Live Pro™, a mobile solution designed to provide for field professionals – adjusters, appraisers, estimators, and investigators – 21st Century claims resources in the field.

The new offering extends the ClaimLogik Live Real-time Guidance™ Platform to become a part of ClaimLogik’s Unified Visual Claims Platform, creating the first cloud based SaaS offering to combine live video interaction capabilities, field claims information capturing and customer self-service models in a single system.

“ClaimLogik Live Pro™ strengthens our core systems by facilitating a centralized approach to capture and utilize visual information from the field to help claims organizations reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the claims documentation process,” said ClaimLogik CEO, Remko Jacobs. “With this offering, we are able to connect every single party involved in the claims process to capture and share visual information in a uniform continuous process reducing customer touch points and improving customer satisfaction.”

ClaimLogik Live Pro™, for field claims resources, is available for use through the online subscription on the ClaimLogik Live website.  Individuals interested in signing up to learn more about the product can find additional information on as well as scheduling a live demo.

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About ClaimLogik Live

ClaimLogik Live provides live video technology solutions for claims and insurance, customer service, and field operations to help organizations reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and mitigate business related risks.