We are excited to share some great news! Next time you login to ClaimLogik Live Platform, you will notice a great set of excellent changes.

Continuous Video Replay

We merged all of the video segments that are captured in the video demonstration together into a single continuous playlist. Now, you no longer have to click through each video segment separately. Instead, you can fast forward, rewind, and skip all along the video segments for an easy to use, convenient experience.

To do this we built our very own ClaimLogik Live Video Player, which is very cool!

Unification of Pictures

ClaimLogik Live supports two different types of pictures – Snapshots and Bookmarks. In this update, we’ve consolidated both of these artifacts in a single tab for convenient accessibility and viewing.

Coming soon, we are also adding the ability to download multiple pictures at once and the ability to generate a PDF photo file.

ClaimLogik Live In-App Calling via Check-in

In-App Calling solves communication challenges on networks that do not allow simultaneous phone and data usage (like Verizon). However, there is another benefit. The customer now is able to check-in to notify an organization that he or she is ready to receive a call!


Did you want to attach files to the record in ClaimLogik Live? Now you can! Attachments have been added so all of the information can conveniently reside in the system for collaboration.

Additional Enhancements

In addition to these changes, we’ve also delivered a significant amount of workflow and performance enhancements to make our software even faster and with smallest possible latency.

Help us help you build great software!

Thank you to everyone who offered your feedback and for your desire to share the thoughts on what you’d like to see in our solutions. Together, we can build great software!

If you’d like to voice your ideas and recommendations, please drop us a note on support@claimlogik.com. We value your feedback and welcome an opportunity to work closely with you on the design and development of the product you’d love to use.