The LiveLogik team has been hard at work putting together more than a dozen new features for the Web Portal, each designed to improve your processes in insurance, trades & services, property & strata management & customer service.

New System Management Features:

  • Picture Tags
    Add custom tags to any picture in a case for faster sorting and retrieval.
  • Filter by Tag
    Quickly find, sort, or download any image tagged with a specific Picture Tag.
  • Portal Notifications
    The LiveLogik Web Portal displays notifications for many user activities.
  • New File Upload Methods
    Drag and drop files directly into a case, even paste a link to add files from Social Media.
  • Merge Case Files
    Combine all the content from multiple cases into a single case with just a few clicks.
  • Move Demonstrations
    Easily move videos between different cases.
  • Search by Address on the Map Page
    Find a file on the Map Page by entering its address in the Filter Menu.
  • Reassign Cases
    Change which user is assigned to a case at any time.
  • Downloaded Picture Titles
    Any descriptions or tags on an image will be saved as its title during export.
  • Notification Settings
    Manage when to receive text and email notifications.
  • Admin-Managed Picture Tags
    Administrators can add, edit, and manage any of their Tenant’s chosen Picture Tags.

New Collaboration Features:

  • Remote Activation During Live Video
    Remotely take snapshots, activate the flashlight, or a send reminder to enable GPS.
  • Text Message Assignment Updates for Staff & Contractors
    Staff & contractors can receive status updates on their assignments via text message.
  • Assignment notes included in email
    Email assignments for staff and contractors include any case notes.
  • In-Video Sync Status Info
    The video player displays information and the upload status of any documentation.
  • In-File Collaboration Instructions
    Additional instructions are visible to help guide users through starting a collaboration session.